Wednesday, November 3, 2010

1 year later

Okay friends. The theme of the missing blog continues no longer. I can't even sum up the last year but here are some highlights. One, we made it through!!! Two, we took a vacation to Priest Lake this summer for our anniversary that was amazing! Three, Jordan passed his board exams with flying colors. Four, for the first time we stayed in the same apartment for over a year!!!
Update for the now:
Jordan and I are sprinting a marathon through our last year in school. Jordan is applying for residency in head and neck surgery while continuing to do rotations through various clinics for school. Residency interviews start for Jordan in a little over a week and we covet your prayers. Jordan's first two interviews are at Mayo in Rochester, MI and Baylor in Houston, TX. He has quite a few more but I can't keep much straight after these two because he is traveling so much.
I started my rotations a couple of months ago and it is so exciting to take care of people besides myself. :) I love working with patients and am learning a ton.
We have moved to the University District Campus of Mars Hill Church. It is blossoming so quickly. They have only been open 7 weeks and have had to expand from 1 to 4 services already. Please pray as I am thinking about joining the children's ministry at the church.
Baby Graham turned 1 year old a couple of weeks ago and started taking his first steps. It is so fun to watch him toddling along.
My sister Valerie recently became engaged and we are head over heels in wedding planning for a May 21 ceremony and party.
We have been super blessed to have my sister Valerie and my friend Meghen Chaffin (visiting from Norway) living with us this week.
Hope you enjoy a little of our life. Heather, I love the pictures please keep posting them.

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