Wednesday, November 3, 2010

1 year later

Okay friends. The theme of the missing blog continues no longer. I can't even sum up the last year but here are some highlights. One, we made it through!!! Two, we took a vacation to Priest Lake this summer for our anniversary that was amazing! Three, Jordan passed his board exams with flying colors. Four, for the first time we stayed in the same apartment for over a year!!!
Update for the now:
Jordan and I are sprinting a marathon through our last year in school. Jordan is applying for residency in head and neck surgery while continuing to do rotations through various clinics for school. Residency interviews start for Jordan in a little over a week and we covet your prayers. Jordan's first two interviews are at Mayo in Rochester, MI and Baylor in Houston, TX. He has quite a few more but I can't keep much straight after these two because he is traveling so much.
I started my rotations a couple of months ago and it is so exciting to take care of people besides myself. :) I love working with patients and am learning a ton.
We have moved to the University District Campus of Mars Hill Church. It is blossoming so quickly. They have only been open 7 weeks and have had to expand from 1 to 4 services already. Please pray as I am thinking about joining the children's ministry at the church.
Baby Graham turned 1 year old a couple of weeks ago and started taking his first steps. It is so fun to watch him toddling along.
My sister Valerie recently became engaged and we are head over heels in wedding planning for a May 21 ceremony and party.
We have been super blessed to have my sister Valerie and my friend Meghen Chaffin (visiting from Norway) living with us this week.
Hope you enjoy a little of our life. Heather, I love the pictures please keep posting them.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 we go has been months and for that I am very sorry. Please don't give up hope. I am coming back to the blog. Life has been nuts but great things are happening.
1. Got the white coat...officially I see patients and I love it. Don't worry I am not making the dx or prescribing medication. I see pt do the interview and physical and then present to others. This is what I will be doing all of next year and for now we do it in occasional little spurts.
2. Graham Weston Carnagey, my nephew, joined us on October 21, 2009. He is absolutely handsome and has taken us all by storm.
3. Jordan turned 26 today!!
4. School is running and my sprints are keeping me on tract but I am very tired thus the no blog updates.
Short I know but hopefully more steady in the near future.
I will put up pictures next.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am thankful for all of you and pray God's blessings on you this holiday season.
Be blessed,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We have a home!

Alright friends! We did it. We got the apartment at Greenlake and Jordan, who arrived two days ago (YEAH!!!!), has been busy setting everything up while I go to school. School is buzzing right along and I will be done in 1.5 weeks for the summer and heading into 5 glorious weeks of vacation. Who knows where you will see me. I am headed to Bellingham, Spokane/CDA, Sacramento, and Yakima for the short list. It will be so exciting to be back in the PNW and have time to see people. This is a short update. Hope you are all well. Congrats Brian on the amazing ride.

Friday, July 17, 2009

So here comes the update. I am in Washington!!!!! This part is so exciting. Jordan is in Boston. This part is not so exciting but I have been counting the days and we are 16 days and counting. It has been absolutely gorgeous in the Seattle area and I can't tell you how much I missed the people. sights, sounds, smells and...everything. ;)
School has been intense but good. There truly is a difference when you are not working and the difference is amazing. Although I leave the house at 6:45 am and get back at 7-8 pm I feel much more rested than I did during the spring when I was working full-time and taking a class online. We have already had two exams and I am working on a research paper while studying for another exam on Monday.
On another topic we (Jordan and I) put in an application on an apartment on Greenlake and we are so excited to have a home again. I am ecstatic to get my kitchen back and all my dishes. It was harder than I though surviving a year without having more than one pot and one pan. The apartment we applied for is a two bed one bath and it is pretty big so if you need a place to stay let us know. I was really blessed that this was the first place I saw and after looking at 9 others I still loved it the most. ;)
I think this is the major new stuff. Please pray for Jordan as he travels across the country at the end of this month. He is bring precious cargo (himself and our cat cheza). Pray that they will be safe and that cheza, who hates cars, will make the trip safely.
Much love to anyone who still reads this (I have been more than a little missing in action since March),

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last Day of Work

Always trying to keep people up to date but usually failing. I am so sorry. Today is my last day at Watkin's Cardiovascular of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. I am sad to be leaving the amazing staff, who threw me a great goodbye lunch the other day, but so excited to be heading to the west. ALRIGHT!!!! Coming over for Sally's wedding was great but definitely a tease considering how gorgeous it was there and the fact that we had 1 sunny day the whole month of June in Boston. Yes, it is the worst June on record. Jordan and I managed to take advantage of the one nice day this month to bike most of Cape Cod. It was an amazing day and we feel really blessed to have spent the time enjoying the beauty of God's creation. My flight leaves bright and early Sunday (6am) for Seattle and praise the Lord it is a direct flight!!! Hope to see some of you very soon.
Much love,

Monday, June 8, 2009

Leaving Tomorrow

WooHOo!!!! Headed to Yakima tomorrow for another marathon visit. Jordan and I have been excited for this visit for about 6 months now and it is time. Jordan is spending the first three days in CDA visiting family and friends while I head to Yakima with Valerie to get all the last minute things done for Sally's wedding. My littlest sister is getting married....what??? We are so excited. The morning after the wedding we are headed to the Seattle area in order to celebrate some of Jordan's cousins who are graduating from college. It promises to be a fun, exciting and busy couple of days. We fly back to Seattle on Monday and then back to the work force for a couple more weeks. I head back to Seattle on a ONE WAY flight July 5th and Jordan flows with the car and cat, yes cat, in tow at the end of the month. Please pray for our little Cheza that she will make the move okay.

Huge hug to everyone,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Again it has been forever

School and work has kept me very busy. In the middle of this we had two weeks of glorious fun with the fam. Laura and Cahnen were here March 20 - 28 leaving 1/2 before Mom and Dad arrived. Thanks for being the airport shuttle on the west end Val. ;) We also had the great pleasure of hosting one of my friends, Mary, from Spokane. So much fun and I will post pictures this weekend. Life has been flying by and I realized today that I am leaving here in 2 months (jaw drops). In between now and moving back we are headed to Washington for Sally's wedding. I could not be any more excited to share in her joy and she is so excited.

Things that have been happening.
Jordan is traveling again Santa Fe and back and now he is off to D.C. for his final Sarnoff presentation. Woohoo, this is like a thesis kind of thing so it is pretty exciting. Pray for him, it is tomorrow. We headed back down to the cape (cod that is) where we enjoyed some sunshine and wine tasting. For those of you who like/know about wine, it is very different out here. The weather doesn't support the grapes we see on the west coast so mostly they are fruit wines of blends of grapes that certain wine makers buy from other locations and ferment on-site. A couple of local grapes are the concord and the diamond. The concord grape makes a wine which makes me think of communion wine, a great deal like grape juice with a zing. ;) The diamond is something so different, spicy and fantastic. We really enjoyed it. This is a short update but I wanted to give you something. I am headed to the ballet tonight with a friend from church to see Sleeping Beauty which should be amazing.
Hopefully be back to update you soon. I am working on a comparative analysis of Boston vs. Seattle so look forward to up coming fun :).

Blessings all!